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Our Experience

InterGO Partners combines years of business experience to offer practical solutions that are workable to our clients. Our team has vast experiences across FMCG, marketing and business strategy, plus the engine room of finance.  

Our Approach

At InterGO Partners we pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our clients; as well as providing a high quality service based on experience and a reputable network of senior advisers.  

Why Us?

We understand the challenges of everyday business and what it takes to be competitive in your business environment. However, it is our skills and experience that can lead to achieving the desired outcomes that each of our clients require. We understand, listen and do not utilise specifically designed tools for a one size fits all approach, we tailor solutions to your requirements.  


InterGO Partners


InterGO Partners specialise in partnering with small to medium sized businesses with strongly aligned values. It is important to InterGO Partners that the partnership is truly that. It is our vision to meet your needs and deliver outcomes that will be honoured over a designated timeframe. InterGO Partners do not just provide strategy, we provide on-going monitoring of your goals and vision, whilst being available to work with and mentor your business and key personnel.

InterGO has extensive management and transformation experience in the FMCG sector. We have been able to succeed in business turnaround projects with specifically tailored business development strategy, human resource development and advice, partnering with clients to achieve successful outcomes.

What we do........

Business audit – review company workflow, human resource and culture, vision and values. The business audit is designed to give a comprehensive overview of a business to the business owner / directors / shareholders and      stakeholders with a view to designing strategy in partnership and deliver      outcomes that align to the company vision and values.

HR Management & Culture – review, grow and develop people to work within the company framework and vision. This is the fundamental link to business  growth and sustainability by enabling staffs to come along on the journey and buy in to your business.

Strategy and top line performance – your business strategy will be a fit between the vision and goals of the organisation and the assessed market opportunities. Your vision needs to be brought to life through the development of staged strategy and planning to enable progressive growth. Our aim is to ensure that your business generates upper quartile performance in the sector.   

Business turnaround – successful strategy implementation to turn business around. Each case has differing mechanisms to achieve this and this is what makes InterGO Partners different in their approach with each client


We are deeply passionate about people and business. We thrive on assisting business achieve their wanted outcomes. Our aim is to work with businesses by listening to their needs, not doing this by methodologies. Read on and you will see that InterGO Partners have the experience to assist you with your requirements  


Beverage Industry


Extensive management, marketing, brand strategy, technical advice, supply chain, procurement, R&D and distribution experience in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages



InterGO Partners have worked within Agribusiness to assist in farming business sustainability, grower contracts, raw produce to finished goods and market strategy

Food & Bakery


Business turnaround strategies in the artisan baking business, acquisitions for expansion, NPD, sales, marketing & growth strategies designed for specific channels 



Business restructure often sets a new focus and is not designed to make change for change sake, instead, a restructure can be simply designed moves to enhance workflow and create a better business environment to work within

Human Resource


Not a cliche to say that people are the key to business success and that culture within a business is key for engagement. We understand culture and what it takes to align staffs to company values and vision



Why InterGO Partners? We have a highly skilled team and in-depth experience that can assist your business in many ways and achieve the outcomes you are looking for. We can design strategy for growth, we can review and stabilise your business and assist in re-building your company culture


Nathan Hyde


Nathan has over 20 years of business experience in facilitating meaningful operational change for companies across a wide variety of industries. 

Nathan also has extensive management and transformation experience in the FMCG sector. Through successful partnerships, Nathan has been able to succeed in business turnaround through business development strategy, human resource and partnering with clients to achieve successful outcomes.   

Nathan works with each client individually to establish the client’s needs and ensures these are met. Nathan also holds a Masters in Business Administration and has proved to be a worthy business consultant to his clients with proven results.



Meet The Team

Tony Dynon



Tony has extensive leadership and finance experience gained largely in food, beverage and stockfeed businesses with senior roles in international and ASX listed companies.

Tony had a 20 year career was with the international food company H J Heinz, where he was Chief Financial Officer for Heinz Australia for 6 years and then Joint Managing Director for his last 3 years. He was also Managing Director of Farm Pride Foods Ltd (an Egg business) and Executive Chairman of Palm Springs Ltd (a Water business) both ASX listed companies. 

More recently Tony has had leadership roles in privately owned stockfeed businesses based in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. 

Tony was also a non-executive director for Colorpak Ltd from 2004 to 2010 and is currently Chairman of Lanyon Partners, a financial services Private Company and non- executive director of Huon Aquaculture Group Ltd.

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